Donate In US/International

If you want to donate from outside Lebanon you can either send it to Lebanon or the US.

To donate to our Lebanon branch:

Name of bank: Byblos Bank

Address of bank: Dekwaneh branch, Beirut, Lebanon

Account name: Lebanon Youth For Christ


IBAN number: LB24003900000005804650436002

If you live in the US or want to send checks to the US branch:

Youth for Christ International

PO Box 4555
 Englewood, CO 80155 USA

You can also donate online through YFCI’s website: Click Here!

Kindly make checks payable to Youth For Christ International and note YFC Lebanon #304 in the memo line of your check

 All donations are tax deductible


Donate In Lebanon

To Donate in Lebanon  


              Name of bank: Byblos Bank                    

          Account name: Lebanon Youth For Christ

Account # 5804650436001 LL

     Account # 5804650436002  $   

Thank you for your support 🙂