One of Youth For Christ’s main goals is to reach lost youth with the message of the Gospel. Through our ministry on school campuses, bi-weekly clubs, seasonal events, summer camps and more, YFCL reaches out to students in various ways, getting to know them and showing them the love of Jesus. 
  •  School Ministry: We praise God for the access we have to seven schools in Beirut and one in Zahle (Bekaa Valley, East Lebanon). We were able to start a unique ministry in schools called “Dare2Ask”, where leaders form discussion groups in class and during recess, in order for students to ask any questions they may have about God, spiritual issues, and life in general.


  • Music Ministry: Each year, our YFC band tours around schools; they also play in public venues on Christmas and other special occasions. During the summer, the band finishes the season with a big concert aimed at drawing more young people to our outreach ministries.


  • Summer Camps: Since 2014, we started organizing two different summer camps; one for the High School age group and another for the Junior High age group.


  • Rock Solid (Outreach Clubs): Youth who want to know more about Christ can come to our outreach clubs, which featured food, games, and a discussion about God. Many students go on to join discipleship groups after attending our clubs. 


  • Hike w Heik: Youth are invited to go on a hike in Lebanon’s beautiful mountains and countryside. Once they reach their destination, they sit in reflection of God’s beauty and greatness.

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