Together Towards Tomorrow: An Annual Staff Retreat to Remember

Sep 25, 2023 | News, Staff

This year has been like no other for Youth for Christ Lebanon. God has been growing our team, and He has been leading us into new ventures. We turn to a new chapter of youth ministry. So, as we prepared to embark on this thrilling journey, we gathered for our annual staff retreat from September 6-8 in Dhour Al Choueir’s scenic hills for fellowship and strategic planning.

During the retreat, YFC Lebanon’s National Director, Maher El Hajj, reviewed our vision, mission, and core values. And he gave a historical timeline of the evolution of evangelism and spoke from Romans 10, staff were reminded that outreach should be a non-negotiable in our Christian walk.

Why does outreach matter? Because it matters to God. Today, we are called to compassionate outreach and loving youth into faith. We need a holistic and incarnational youth ministry through which we help youth in different aspects of their lives. On this note, staff prayed for several YFC teens by name.

YFC Lebanon’s Lead team also unpacked our strategic plan for the two coming years with a vision of effective training, deeper discipleship, wider outreach, and organizational sustainability. Staff spent time brainstorming ways to implement the components of this vision in various departments and ministries—a process that will continue as we go.

Apart from ministry and strategies, our annual staff retreat was about growing closer to God and one another. We started every day with worship and devotion and ended it around a bonfire, worshiping God beneath the starlit sky.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Romans 10:15)

We pray for readiness—a readiness born of faith, courage, and a deep understanding of God’s Word. May we be equipped with compassion to reach out to youth who hunger for God’s truth and guide them toward the eternal hope only found in Christ.