School Ministry


School Ministry has been a pillar of Youth For Christ Lebanon since the foundation of the organization in 1963.

Its main objective is to develop a conversation around Jesus with teenagers and shepherd them into a relationship of their own with Christ. Over the years, it has been a fantastic way for YFC to build connections with youth and foster relationships that lead to discipleship outside of school.


Chapels/ School Assemblies

Staff visit different schools and give talks during their chapel time.

Ignite Worship night

Nights of worship and fellowship.

Discipleship Groups

Small groups that study the Bible and grow in faith together.

Summer Camp

It brings youth from the many schools we serve, among youth from the other YFC ministries, for a fun and faith centered camp.

Mental Health Services

Schools outsource their counseling service to our staff.



Sessions that allow the youth to ask and discuss challenging questions about life and learn what the Biblical perspective on them is.

"After every YFC camp, I tell others about how good my experience was. And every time, there’s something new to tell. This year, 2023, my favorite part was the games. But no matter how fun the games were or how much we enjoyed our time, the lessons we learned were the most important. Joseph went through tough times, but God turned it for good. We should keep this in mind when troubles come our way. This camp reminded me that the Lord is always with me, even when I don’t feel it. "

Teen from Summer Camp

"Amazing! Best people ever! In this camp, God showed me that He does listen to my prayers. He is the Provider, and He cares. He showed me that I am enough and that my worth doesn’t lie in how good I am at doing things. This was my first YFC camp. I always heard how amazing the camps were and that people waited all year for them. I’m so glad I got to make it this year—it was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you for trying your best to make us feel at home and not be afraid to be vulnerable. Never stop doing camps. I plan on volunteering soon. Love you guys!"

Teen from Summer Camp