Manara Youth Center


Manara Youth Center offers peace-building, psychosocial, and recreational programs in the community of Bourj Hammoud. The center also offers after-school tutoring, scholarships, books, stationary, and academic tracking. It also runs clubs as part of our spiritual program with Bible study and discipleship groups. During summertime, the center opens up a variety of clubs for youth to have fun and learn.

Manara Youth Center has a recreational game room and lounge area. It is a safe space for young people to engage in activities, be distracted from daily stress, establish relationships, learn and discover. Project staff and other volunteers are present during opening hours to supervise, hang out with the teens, build relationships of trust, and help them connect with others in a positive and constructive way.

Our goal is to reach out to youth with the gospel walk alongside them and guide them in their holistic development to a brighter and hopeful future.


Spiritual Programs

Discipleship and youth clubs to learn about God, the Bible, and grow in faith.

Ambassadors of Peace

It aims to provide youth with guidelines for positive dialogue and helps them be comfortable in diverse communities.

After-school Tutoring

After school help every day of the week; assisting
with homework, projects, and exam preparations.

Psychosocial Support

A safe space to express their emotions, talk about their problems
with peers and the counselor, and learn coping mechanisms that help them deal with their circumstances in a constructive and healthy way.

Recreational programs and lounge

A safe space for young people to engage in activities and have fun. Staff are present during opening hours to supervise and hang out with the teens.

Summer Program

A variety of fun and educational workshops and activities during summer.

" I love the staff at MYC. They are always very kind and supportive. They give us time and make us love everything they teach. I really love them. They are all like friends. I can trust and tell them all my problems. A saying in my community goes like this: "Religion is a treatment." Whenever I see how nice the people at MYC are, I know they are getting this kindness, love and energy from God."

Teen from MYC

"First I came to study. Then, I got to know the staff and started learning about a new religion. I love the spiritual part because it helps us think beyond work and school - about where we are going and why we are here. I come every Friday for the youth clubs and take Bible classes."

Teen from MYC