Vocational Training Program


Our growing Vocational Training Program (VTP) began in 2019.

As the need of the youth in Bourj Hammoud grew, we were moved by compassion to fill the gap for those unable to pursue official certificates. We set our minds on supporting the youth by allowing them to train in a marketable skill in hopes of achieving financial stability.

Youth will have opportunities to have better job prospects, allowing them to have better dreams for their lives and improve their families’ financial situation. They will become positive role models and productive community members who will help improve the overall situation of the neighborhood; those who develop a personal relationship with Christ and become serious followers of Jesus will become engaged and support local churches in their communities.


Discipleship Groups

Small groups who study the Bible together to grow in faith.

Vocational Training - Computer Program

It runs for two years. In the first year, students learn the basics, including computer parts, Windows, and Microsoft Office. Then, in their second year, students choose whether they will go into web development or computer programming.

Vocational Training - Sewing

The program runs for two years, during which girls learn crocheting, sewing, embroidery, and cross-stitching. We also train them to start their businesses, create and sell products, and market them on social media.

Vocational Training - Carpentry

To graduate, carpentry students complete four levels. Then, they become helpers who help Mark, our carpentry instructor, train other students for five months. Then, at a later stage, they become assistants who help manufacture products.

English Classes

We group English language students by level based on a placement test they take at the beginning of the year. Students go through an online ESL (English as a Second Language) curriculum.

Life Mentoring

During the mentoring sessions, students discuss topics such as time management, money management, relationships, dealing with stress, resilience, problem-solving, decision-making, goal setting, setting boundaries, and more.

“I am learning many things here. I’m learning to code and form websites, which will open up many job opportunities. After I get a certificate, I can pursue my education further in the field. But I would also like to pursue my formal education someday—even if that means redoing Grade 9.”

Teen from VTP

"I love sewing. My mom used to sew, so she taught me a little, and then I watched a few YouTube tutorials. I joined VTP as soon as I heard about it. This is my second year here. I learned so many useful skills, such as using a sewing machine. And I love Miss Joyce. She is gentle and does not yell when I make mistakes."

Teen from VTP