Leadership in Training

Also known as “LIT”

In 1994, YFC’s training ministry came to being, now known as “Leaders in Training” or LIT. 

Local churches and NGOs partner with us to invest in passionate young adults dedicated to serving God’s kingdom. We equip them with strategies for an effective ministry with teenagers who are at a delicate stage of life. It also helps them grow spiritually, form relationships, and support groups with like-minded individuals.

The Leaders in Training ministry can be a yearlong in-depth program or a one-time workshop. Its sessions cover areas related to ministry skills, spiritual growth, personal development, and major issues concerning youth culture. To put theory into practice and gain experience, young leaders participate in YFC ministries and prepare a camp for their final project. This allows trainees to try new things in a safe space while also providing coaching on the field and in follow-up sessions. Then, at the end of the program, trainees receive certificates at a graduation ceremony.  

Overall, we act as a bridge for people who have a heart for young people in Lebanon and are looking for opportunities to volunteer and serve on the front lines. We praise God for using our training program over the years. 


Youth Camp

LIT trainees get to practice what they have learned by preparing and holding a summer camp for teens.

"LIT went very fluidly. We initially studied the theories and scenarios one might face in spiritual leadership. In some sessions, we covered things like leading worship and giving talks. We listened to different speakers share about their youth ministries. Then, we prepared a camp. For me, the camp was one of the most beneficial things we had done. It helped me grow my leadership and communication skills as I followed up with others while preparing the games.”


“Last year, my friends told me about a camp for AXIS. Since then, I have been coming to AXIS Youth Center. I love the staff at AXIS. Because of the center, I now have more friends. I have a life. I feel that I have grown here—that there are people here guiding me in behaving and communicating with people. I started coming to core groups and SuperWoman clubs because I like to do more things in AXIS and be with them.

Teen from AXIS