Christmas Activities 2023

Jan 9, 2024

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School Ministry

Discipleship Christmas Party: December 16

Our School Ministry team threw a party for all their discipleship groups at Manara Youth Center. The event featured a time of worship and a Christmas message about God coming to be in a relationship with us. Discipleship groups competed in various games, including a cookie decorating contest, a gift-wrapping competition, and a Christmas trivia session. The winning discipleship group received a prize, which was a special outing in the new year. Moreover, teens found encouragement in personalized Christmas cards written by the school ministry team.

NES Christmas Program: December 21

The team organized a Christmas event for the teenagers at the Nazarene Evangelical School, Beirut. The program featured games and a rendition of A Christmas Carol, where teens took part in role-playing, connecting the narrative to the idea that Jesus came to bring about a transformation in us. Then, a big Christmas trivia game followed. The team aimed to provide teens with an enjoyable and uplifting experience just before the vacation and remind them why we celebrate Christmas. 


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AXIS Youth Center

Christmas Escape Room: December 16

 The AXIS Youth Center turned into a “cave” for a day during this Christmas “escape room” event, in which 91 teens in Zahle showed up. The theme revolved around the wise men, their gifts, and their journey to Jesus. In this “escape room” version, the wise men went inside to find the gifts they had lost, and the only way out was to solve the trail of clues. For one of the clues, teens listened to a talk that utilized the wise men’s gifts as a starting point for a very clear Gospel message.

AXIS Clubs Christmas Activities

AXIS youth clubs also had their share of Christmas fun. The Art Club, for instance, made Christmas postcards and flowers from fabric and iron. The Theater Club shared monologues about the meaning of Christmas and improvs about the meaning of joy, hope, peace, and love this season. The Music Club recorded two songs that the center posted on social media. The SuperWoman clubs (Years 1 and 2) had a Christmas party, and the SuperMan club had a Christmas gathering—a big trivia game and a treasure hunt. 


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Vocational Training Program

Christmas Program: December 9

Teenagers at VTP gathered at Torassian School in Bourj Hammoud to celebrate Christmas. Their time started with conversations over a warm cup of hot chocolate and cupcakes in a festive ambiance. Then, after a thought-provoking message on hope, a discussion unfolded where teenagers reflected on the current hardships in Lebanon and why God permits injustice. One girl expressed her nightly questions to God about war and the tragic loss of children. Another participant, in acknowledging the injustice, emphasized her belief that God had a divine plan for humanity, which is why He sent His Son to earth. The program ended with a round of Christmas-themed games where laughter filled the air as teens attempted to “gift wrap” their team members.

Christmas Market: December 15-16

VTP participated in a Christmas Market event fifteen minutes away from Beirut. In its market stall, the center showcased and sold products crafted by our carpentry and sewing programs, such as scarves, hats, Christmas decorations, and picture frames. VTP students present were happy to have others admire their work, which they sold for an income. We praise God that the center actively encourages students who cannot pursue education to grow in their vocations and maintain a stable financial situation for themselves and their families.

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Manara Youth Center

Liquid Worship: December 1-2

Manara Youth Center’s youth club, part of the center’s outreach program, gathered for a liquid worship experience (worshiping of God in prayer or worship stations). Together, they worshiped the Lord and remembered that Jesus, the reason we celebrate, wants to make our hearts His home—if we let Him in. In the quiet embrace of dimmed lights, one of the stations kindled powerful moments as it echoed the genuine prayers of teens and youth workers.

Christmas Program: December 15-16

Teens at Manara Youth Center enthusiastically wait for this annual celebration. This year was no different. The event was full of enjoyable moments. Teens rotated around various stations, such as a Christmas-themed talk and discussion, a skit, and competitive games. As part of an outreach effort, members of the center’s Youth Club extended invitations to their friends, introducing them to the center and the Good News. The event ended with a cherished tradition—a “White Elephant” gift exchange.