Young Heroes Rising: Super Teens

Feb 16, 2024

Maria is an 18-year-old at AXIS Youth Center studying Psychology at university. She dreams of becoming a therapist and a neuropsychologist because she wants to help people heal. Last year, Maria joined the SuperWoman program at AXIS Youth Center, and she has been coming since.

“I am learning a lot from the girls,” Maria shared, “And sharing my experience has helped them open up about their experiences, too. I feel comfortable during the sessions because our struggles are the same. We can connect and leave our problems at the door.”

The SuperWoman program has positively influenced girls like Maria since YFC’s AXIS Youth Center started implementing it last year. It arose as a project by YFC EMENA, which aims to see every teenage girl grow into the woman God made her to be. This two-year program uses a holistic approach to address various topics, including self-image, sexuality, society, dreams and goals, etc. This is done through forming SuperWoman clubs (small groups of 8-15 girls) where teenage girls find a safe space to share their stories and get their questions answered. 

AXIS Youth Center started with a group of 15 girls last year. This year, there are two groups: Years One and Two. By the second year, girls will have formed closer connections and better understand each other and youth leaders. According to Trivina [AXIS Youth Center Team Leader],

“When you’re in a small group where youth leaders are always present, there’s a different level of closeness, which encourages more open conversations.”

Bella, 18, is in the Year One SuperWoman group at AXIS. She shared,

“SuperWoman sessions teach me to love myself and not judge other girls based on their appearance. I also am learning things about myself and my community that I didn’t know before.”

Tania, also 18, is in the YearTwo group. She shared,

“I look forward to the sessions not only because we discuss topics we don’t discuss elsewhere. Our games can be so much fun, and our non-judgmental group makes it easier for me to speak my mind.”

Our School Ministry has also used the SuperWoman curriculum for a holistic approach to girl discipleship sessions. Bi-weekly, girls study a relevant biblical passage, aligning with session objectives. The aim is to empower girls in faith and lead them to a point where they share their faith with friends.

In January, Manara Youth Center kicked off the SuperWoman program with the girls who are part of their discipleship group.


Moreover, AXIS Youth Center recently initiated a SuperMan club to help address young men’s struggles. This small group is learning things from a biblical perspective, like respect in relationships, gentlemanly behavior, and other relevant topics.

Please continue to pray for youth workers leading the SuperWoman and SuperMan discussions and activities and that they strive to be role models for the young men and women at YFC Lebanon.