Valentine’s Day Events at YFC Lebanon

Feb 27, 2024

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to help young people navigate the complexities of relationships and societal pressures. But it is, more importantly, a reminder of God’s love that never runs out on us. We praise Him for every chance to tell youth about God’s love this Valentine’s, and we pray that this love permeates their hearts as they come to our programs.

MYC Valentine’s Worship Event
February 16

God’s love was the banner of this event. Youth from the center’s spiritual program rotated around creative worship stations, including a “beauty from ashes” station where they made beautiful things from waste. In another station, they pinned torn pieces of paper onto a big heart cutout on which they surrendered their hurt to God. This, too, was a reminder that God can restitch the pieces of us that life tore apart. There was also a prayer station where youth prayed individually or with a leader.

A youth worker at Manara Youth Center shared,

“While I was in the prayer station, a boy asked for my testimony. I shared how I had grown up in church, yet I didn’t experience Christ’s life-changing power until I encountered Him personally. I showed this boy, who had recently accepted Christ, that the power of our testimony isn’t in its sensational impact but in the saving power of the cross. I also encouraged him with the truth that God continues to refine us into the likeness of His Son.”

VTP Valentine’s Event
February 17

The youth workers at the Vocational Training Program (VTP) and the School Ministry prepared a whole-day event for youth at VTP. The program included two interviews with couples. The first interview helped teens understand how two people in a relationship need to focus on God and work on themselves toward a healthy relationship. In the second interview, a married couple shared their story of trusting God and getting married amid a crumbling economy two years ago. They also spoke about the purpose of marriage.

In addition to participating in fun games, teens rotated around stations where the School Ministry team had prepared creative activities that sparked discussions on various Valentine’s-related topics, including relationships and the five love languages. Overall, the youth enjoyed a time of fellowship and meaningful discussions on what love means.

AXIS Youth Center’s Valentine’s Event
February 16

This event was fun-packed with activities and games. Over 50 youth and AXIS Youth Center’s “volunteens” showed up. After being welcomed with a photo booth session and Valentine’s-themed ice breakers, including a “cheesy quotes puzzle” and writing encouraging messages on heart-shaped post-it notes, the games began!

Each time a team won a game, they received syringes with a red-colored liquid. The team to first fill their bottles or “blood banks” using these syringes won the entire round. But here’s the catch. Since the event’s focus was sacrificial love, the winning team had to give up their “blood bank” as a donation to another team. This poured into the following talk and discussion, which focused on John 3:16 and God’s great sacrifice for us.

During the discussion, it was clear that the talk touched youth, and youth workers were happy to see that youth weren’t only sticking around for fun and games. One of the teens, a newcomer, enthusiastically shared how God showed His love for us—and how we can show our love for Him in turn. Because he showed interest, the AXIS team hopes to follow up with him later. More than half of the youth at the event were newcomers to the center. So, we pray that God continues to use these events to introduce more teens to us.