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Summer Camps

Meet Gloria!

My name is Gloria*, and I am 17 years old.

At 11, things were tough at home. But I found a friend in God early on. At 13, I started attending YFC events and immediately felt like I belonged. Something was different about the people there. There was a sense of togetherness that I found nowhere else. And they
helped me grow in my relationship with God.

My first YFC was right after COVID. I still remember how easy it was to connect with everyone. I love how crazy YFC camps can get. I love the contagious energy—like that one time our team lost, but we danced
it out anyway. I love all the memories I made.

But YFC camps also made me think of my life’s purpose. This year’s camp helped me disconnect and encouraged me to dream again. I know nowhere else in Lebanon where dreams are encouraged. Soon, I will be going to university. But with everything happening here, I don’t know whether schools will be open next year. I never expected things to go this wrong, but I thank God for keeping us safe and sound.

How to make an impact in the lives of youth like Gloria

Camps are loud laughs echoing from rows of dorm windows. They are water fights and messy games. But they are also glowing faces praising God around a bonfire. They are life-filled words in meeting halls and life-changing prayers in quiet corners. They are a haven and a getaway.

They are God’s reassuring embrace in the dead of night.
We want to bless teens with more camps next summer; for that to happen, we need your help. We had 142 teens in middle and high school camps this year alone, and we expect more next year. So much cost and effort go into camp preparations.

A team of 20 plus staff and volunteers work five months ahead to ensure that YFC teens have an unforgettable experience. They choose the theme and speakers. They scout the location, find volunteers, and form committees. They prepare spiritual activities such as
“Liquid Worship” and “My Story” time. They prepare games. They take care of the budgeting and logistics for things including flying and housing speakers from abroad, accommodating youth, providing food and facilities at the camp location, and much more.

We want teens to feel a sense of commitment, but we never want the cost to get in the way. That is why those who can, usually pay half, and we raise funds to cover the remaining costs—therefore maintaining
the high-quality standards YFC camps are known for.

Next year, we hope to accept many more teens into our middle and high school camps. We estimate we will need a total of $15,000 USD to make that happen. It costs us approximately $150 USD per person who attends camp, and we are giving many scholarships in this economic turmoil we are experiencing.

We trust that God will provide as with each year. But if you feel called to support our mission, your donation will make a difference.

In His service,
Youth for Christ Lebanon

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