MYC Summer Program Celebration

Aug 15, 2019 | MYC News, News

On Wednesday August 14, we celebrated all that was achieved, learned and experienced during a very special program: our Manara Youth Center’s Summer Program. From July 1 till August 14, 214 children who couldn’t afford to have the fun summer they deserved, learned car care, cooking, first aid, and various types of art including sculpture making, jewelry design, and photography. They also developed new specific crafts and skills like carpentry, etiquette, nail, and hair care.

Not only did they learn to use their hands skillfully, but their minds as well. By being exposed to new languages, different cultures, efficient research techniques, team-building exercises, smart games, and the art of movie analysis, our children gained new perspectives of viewing their worlds and were reminded that a beautiful mind is as important if not more, than outer beauty.

In parallel to the rich lessons these diverse sessions and workshops provided, they served as a rare opportunity to have meaningful conversations with the children about God, faith and values, all in a safe environment where they learned, grew, and enjoyed the best of times under one roof, practicing the art of reconciliation themselves.

We thank all the parents who supported us with their full trust. We thank God for giving us the opportunity to work with each talented and unique child. We enjoyed every moment of it, miss them already, and can’t wait to see them soon in our upcoming programs.