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Vocational Training Program

Manara Youth Center

AXIS Youth Center


Vocational Training Program

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Mentoring & Discipleship

Teens at VTP are more committed to learning. They are maturing and want to bring financial stability to their families. They are more open to spiritual conversations and Bible teachings. They know that the people here truly care for them.

Rahaf, 19, is one of the best sewing students. She has been at VTP for a year now. At first, she wasn’t sure about her sewing skills, but Joyce, our sewing instructor, kept encouraging her upon seeing her incredible potential. Rahaf shared:  “I didn’t know how to use a needle and thread before. I didn’t expect that I would do so well at it. I love being here because the teachers are very patient; they repeatedly help us until we make it.” Like other girls at VTP, Rahaf will sell her creations and earn an income.

Several of the center’s youth have found internships either by their own network or by people wanting them to do carpentry or sewing. Moreover, they were presented with opportunities to sell their creations. For instance, from 15 to 17 December, VTP teens took part in a “Christmas Market” event. 

Several of the center’s youth have found internships either by their own network or by people wanting them to do carpentry or sewing. Moreover, some youths taught classes on their vocations at Manara Youth Center’s summer program as a form of internship, and from 15 to 17 December, VTP teens took part in a “Christmas Market” event where they sold their creations. 

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The Hope of the Resurrection

The Hope of the Resurrection

This April, we seized the opportunity to share with youth the living hope we have in Christ’s death and resurrection, which lies at the core of our mission to reach every young person in Lebanon with the Gospel—every single day, all year round! We invite you to read...

Valentine’s Day Events at YFC Lebanon

Valentine’s Day Events at YFC Lebanon

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to help young people navigate the complexities of relationships and societal pressures. But it is, more importantly, a reminder of God’s love that never runs out on us. We praise Him for every chance to tell youth about...


Manara Youth Center

Throughout this year, Manara Youth Center has extended its reach to the youth of Bourj Hammoud, one of Beirut’s most populated districts with an underprivileged and diverse ethnic and religious demographic. As the call to reach these young souls and guide them toward the Light grows more resonant, the center has choreographed a symphony of efforts to address their nuanced educational, emotional, and spiritual needs through its various programs.




158 teens (16 youth groups) participated in our “Ambassadors of Peace” program, 147 of whom graduated from the program (88%). By the end of the year, we witnessed youth from different religions and communities get more comfortable around each other, and friendships began to bloom. The social actions also indicated that youth were convinced by what they had heard at the sessions and wanted to practice it in their communities.


Youth & Caregivers helped

This year, our psychosocial support (PSS) program helped 212 youths and caregivers. Teens exhibited a transformation in their attitudes and emotional states as they were thoroughly followed up by our staff in individual sessions and special new programs such as Connecting Hearts and Minds (CH&M). The PSS program included a life skills program, support groups, and individual sessions.

Psychosocial Support


MYC offered after-school support every day of the week to youth of Bourj Hammoud who are registered at the center. The tutors offered help with homework, projects, and exam preparations.

Received Academic Support

Registered Youth

Outreach programs included Bible classes, discipleship core groups, artistic Bible classes, Bible movie clubs, and youth clubs. Many of the teens in this group are now Christ followers and affiliated with churches. Starting in January, we have had 305 students registered in our outreach programs


Recreational Programs

Recreational activities at MYC were not only restricted to drop-ins (arcade championships, basketball, and board game competitions). They included various fun classes such as theater, vocal ensemble, calligraphy, etiquette, an “IQ” class (trivia), candle making, soap making, and basket making. Through the Recreational Program at MYC, 430 youths were engaged in activities that enabled them to explore their interests, discover their talents, and enhance their abilities. It was also an opportunity to form friendships, develop empathy, get to know different perspectives, and have fun in a safe environment.

Registered Youth

Registered Youth

As heat waves traveled through the streets of Bourj Hammoud this summer, 259 teens gathered at the air-conditioned center instead. They relaxed, learned, and had fun together in 46 out-of-the-box classes/workshops and activities. 

Summer Program

The inner struggle remained for almost three years. Then, one day, one of the youth workers said that if we ask God to show us who He truly is, He definitely would reveal Himself to us. I was initially afraid, but I decided to ask this one thing of God. That night, I saw Jesus in a dream. But I kept searching for the truth. I saw how people behaved at the center, increasing my struggle. It would have been much easier were they unkind. But why were they so kind? Little by little, I found my way to Christ,


17 year old student, Volunteer at MYC

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Enduring Hope

Enduring Hope

In the heart of Burj Hammoud, where the narrow alleys weave through crammed houses like veins through a living, breathing organism, stories of resilience and hope emerge daily. From windowsills, young eyes gaze out, not merely observing but yearning—for a brighter...

The Joy Effect

The Joy Effect

Stirring Change in the Youth of Bourj Hammoud We’re thrilled to introduce you to Joy, the social worker leading the Psychosocial Support (PSS) program at Manara Youth Center (MYC). Our recent interview with her offered a glimpse into the beautiful ways God is using...


AXIS Youth Center

Overview and Programs

Registered Youth

Outreach Programs Participants

This year, teens at AXIS have been exposed to the Gospel through monthly events focusing on topics such as fear and experiencing God’s presence. In addition to monthly events, we have had weekly core groups (four to eight teens meeting weekly for an intentional season of discovery, reflection, and practice in following Jesus). The SuperWoman program, a girls’ club that empowers teenage girls, has helped them understand their value and worth in God’s eyes. 

Our Dare2Ask sessions attempted to answer teens’ challenging questions every other Friday. But questions were not restricted to Dare2Asks. Teens ask us questions during the drop-ins as they play games or chat with us. They spend most of their afternoons with us—throughout our opening hours—and feel comfortable enough to ask. One of the teens, for instance, keeps a small diary of all the questions she has and brings them weekly to us. That is why we constantly work on being more grounded in the Scriptures. 

Moreover, AXIS had one-on-one counseling sessions and two mental health workshops this year with a clinical psychologist. We are seeing a significant change in the youths we are counseling, and parents are expressing gratitude as they see that change in their children as well. 

We feel very blessed for the many teens who joined us this year. We did not expect this growth, but the Lord has been working through us, and we see a change in the teens. Today, our reputation is well-established within the Zahle community (city in the Bekaa Valley where AXIS is located), which wasn’t the case in the past few years. Only God can bring about this change of heart. 

We have made many connections with teens; they keep coming and asking to join YFC camps. Last year, 20 teens came to the YFC camp. This year, 32 came. And they were fully aware that Jesus would be the focus. This is one of the examples of God’s work.

I love the ‘Dare2Asks’ (a program where youth are encouraged to ask questions). I love the core groups; my favorite topic is life after death. I love the community here and the leaders in general and feel very comfortable—especially after last year’s YFC camp. I always forget my challenges whenever I come to AXIS. I am happy here because you helped me spiritually. I felt that I could know God in a way I could understand. I felt that He wasn’t distant.”


A regular at AXIS

During last year’s camp, Jason said, “I am still an agnostic, but hopefully, next year, I will not be.” He went to this year’s camp, no longer an agnostic. He decided he wanted to be in a relationship with Christ after a Dare2Ask session about the afterlife.

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School Ministry

Youth at Risk – Bekaa

Social Media


School Ministry


Overview and Programs

Over 2000 Outreach Programs Participants

Counseling Sessions

At the schools that we partner with, we carried out various forms of outreach like chapels and special programs on campuses. Additionally, we coordinated events like outings (such as a Beirut by Bike outing where 50 teens from our ministries showed up) and led discipleship groups for girls and boys (three groups for boys and two groups for girls) through the school ministry. 

On one occasion, a 16-year-old girl who is at one of the schools we serve invited our school ministry team to lead a special program for her Catholic youth ministry of 50 teens. This is one example of how God helped expand our reach to more youth in Lebanon.

We also carried out “Dare2Ask” sessions where teens are given the space to ask questions about a hot topic in class, and then come with further questions after. During one Dare2Ask about the afterlife, two boys who believe in reincarnation approached our team with questions. It was clear that they genuinely wanted to know about a faith different from the one passed on to them. Then, a born-again girl chimed in and shared the Good News emphatically, which led one of the school ministry team members to share their story with Jesus. 

As for our Ignite Worship Nights, we hosted more than 120 youths during each of our four worship nights this year. We built on the theme of “past, present, and future.” This theme comes out of the passage: Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Our goal was that they notice God’s work in their lives past,  present, and future. In our last Ignite for this year, teens prayed for Lebanon in light of the unrest in the South. 

Last but not least, we had two camps this summer: Middle School and High School, and we were thankful for the 137 teens who joined us. The theme of the camps was “Ta3 Nehlam” or “Come on, Let’s Dream.” Many youths in Lebanon have forgotten how to dream. The country’s worst economic collapse has left them feeling apathetic and dejected, and many are questioning God’s Sovereignty. So, during this year’s camps, we strove to answer their questions and tell them they can experience joy in uncertainty. 

The school ministry team is growing. This year, four new team members joined, one of whom is a counselor. Seeing how they complement each other in their unique gifts is beautiful. God has been faithful in providing the right people so we serve Him more.

I think my experience with YFC has been the most amazing thing that has happened to me. I think every single outing, every single camp—any time I get to experience anything with YFC, I feel my faith grow deeper. I feel so connected with God, to these people who are bringing me closer to God—not just the leaders but the YFC community, the people who go there. I feel like it’s such a special group to me, and I love it so much.


15 years old, part of the school ministry discipleship group

Moments from the School ministry programs:

Last Ignite of 2023

High School Camp

Youth at Risk – Bekaa





Registered Youth

Families Visited

Our Bekaa Youth at-Risk ministry is expanding. It is reaching Syrian and Lebanese at-risk youth living in the Bekaa region, positively impacting their lives and showing them the love of Christ. God is enabling us to respond to the growing needs of Lebanese youth in light of the country’s worsening economic downturn and Syrian refugee youth whose plight is not getting any better. We praise God for providing them with a safe and welcoming environment where they can grow together.

We had 503 regulars this year, but many more youths came to our center as drop-ins. We also visited 250 families of our youths. We praise God that we have been able to build good relations with the teens’ families, enter their homes, listen to their struggles, help in any way we can—and, if the opportunity arises—share the reason for our hope. Getting close to them often encourages families to ask deep questions about our faith.

Most of the youths we serve live in an environment that is not open to the Gospel. The refugee camp we serve has been notorious for chasing out Christian ministries, but we praise God for finding favor in their eyes. Even though the camp leaders and inhabitants belong to Islam, they welcome us in their homes and send their kids to us. God has opened many opportunities for the Gospel, whether it be during the life coaching lessons, one-on-one follow-ups, or the devotions that precede every session. Despite their religious background, youths come to us with questions about Jesus.



This year, we encouraged teens to pursue their passions and skills in different areas. We offered soccer and basketball training to boys as well as sewing, makeup, and drawing to girls. 

Not only did we offer soccer training to boys, but we also organized soccer matches with teams from other institutions. They got to put their skills to the test and enjoy the competition. We now have different levels of proficiency. The more advanced teens train twice weekly, while the rest practice once weekly. As for girls, we currently have five groups who take sewing classes weekly. When they first come, they have little to no skill, and gradually, we begin to note their improvement as they come up with their own projects. The same can be said of makeup classes. Girls eventually use these skills to earn an income during weddings and special occasions.

When I got baptized, I didn’t tell anyone. I was afraid word would spread and I would be persecuted. But when I finally told Miss Anna, she encouraged me and gave me the strength to continue my faith journey. Since then, the Lord Jesus has answered every prayer and been by my side. I tell people about Him, even when they make fun of me, and my phone is full of Christian songs. I want people to become like me and tell others about Jesus,


An 18-year-old girl, Youth at Risk ministry

Social Media





hours watched on Youtube

Youth reached out through Direct Messages

Youtube Subscribers

The social media team creates content and uploads it onto various social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Their main channel, YFC Vibes, has a show called “Ma Khtalafna,” roughly translated as “We aren’t in disagreement.” In each episode, four teens from different backgrounds answer four questions about a hot topic. It also has a show called “Sa2alna” or “We Asked,” where they get the opinions of 30 teens on a certain issue. 

As part of the channel’s outreach ministry, the team chooses a monthly theme around which the channel’s content revolves (Ma Khtalafna, Sa2alna, Talk Videos, and image content). This year, the team tackled issues such as prejudice, racism, manhood, culture, bullying, and food. Because these topics are relevant to teens, they have brought much engagement. 

“Other YFC ministries are in direct contact with teens,” George, who is part of the team, shared. “We have online platforms instead. So when we receive direct messages from teens—and we regularly do—I get so excited. One month later, we made a video series on self-image and received much engagement. Some of the teens who messaged us eventually admitted that they were contemplating suicide. So when we can stop someone from committing suicide or even help teens who are being bullied at school feel loved and cared for, I can see God’s hand working through our ministry.”

During filming days, the social media team, along with the volunteers, attempted to create a homey atmosphere and give teens their undivided attention, and when the time was right, they shared the Good News and prayed with them. On one occasion, while filming a show about heaven, a girl said that she wouldn’t make it because, according to her religion, secular songs were forbidden. This led to a discussion about Christ’s atoning work on the cross. On another occasion, they prayed with a boy who wanted to accept Christ as Savior. Moreover, the team is constantly working towards building offline relationships with youth we didn’t know except online, inviting them to outreach camps or other events that we facilitate in Lebanon. 

Our social media team is growing. Maya, our graphic designer, joined us this year. And now, teen volunteers have joined the team and will be filming new content as the new year approaches.

Wow! I didn’t know God sacrificed so much for us. I don’t know what to say except, yes, I want to have a relationship with Him.

A teenager, During an online chat

Learn more about our Social Media ministry:


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LIT Beirut


This year, our Leadership in Training (LIT) Beirut trainees grew in various areas of youth ministry during their training period. As a final project, they organized a camp for 28 YFC Lebanon’s Manara Youth Center teens, most of whom are from diverse religious backgrounds. Our Training Ministry Team Leader Elie shared, “We had talked about Jesus’s story of the Prodigal Son, so many teens spent their nights telling youth leaders about their experiences with fathers—and God.”

Brandon is one of our trainees responsible for the camp’s games committee—and a current YFC long-term volunteer. He shared, “LIT went very fluidly. We initially studied the theories and scenarios one might face in spiritual leadership. We also listened to different speakers share about their youth ministries. Then, we prepared a camp, which was very beneficial for me. It helped me grow my leadership and communication skills as I followed up with others while preparing the games.”

On September 2, our Beirut LIT trainees had their graduation. We praise God for their commitment and growth during their training period. We saw them leave their comfort zones and learn new skills for youth ministry. And now, by God’s grace, we will see them use these skills in their churches and, for some, at YFC. 

LIT Resurrection Church Beirut


Some local churches and ministries ask us to provide training tailored to their youth ministry’s needs. Resurrection Church Beirut, for instance, has an extensive network of home churches among refugees. We started working with its youth leaders last year, and this year, our second cohort graduated on May 20.  

We praise God for their commitment and growth in the past few months as they left their comfort zones and learned new skills for youth ministry. We praise God for last year’s graduates also. We were very encouraged as they helped us train this year’s trainees and heard stories of them forming youth ministries in their home groups. 

Safaa is part of LIT RCB’s first cohort. When she first came, just one or two people were in her youth group. By the end of the year, through the summer, her group had grown to include 25 teens. This year, we discovered that she oversees two or three youth groups. She also helped us organize LIT RCB this year (second cohort).

LIT Heart for Lebanon


Hope Evangelical Church has a significant youth ministry in Ghazieh and another in Zahle. Because youth leaders expressed a desire to serve young people better, we had a two-day training encompassing several issues relevant to youth ministry. We listened to the youth leaders’ ministry challenges and shared insights from our experience at YFC Lebanon.

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Training Youth Leaders in the Bekaa Valley

Training Youth Leaders in the Bekaa Valley

“Training is crucial in making a good leader,” said Anthony, a youth worker at YFC Lebanon’s AXIS Youth Center. “So the Leaders in Training program cemented my perception of a youth leader. Sometimes, leaders are expected to be somewhat distant; youth leaders,...

Leaders in training Graduation 2023

Leaders in training Graduation 2023

Our Beirut LIT trainees had their graduation on September 2. We praise God for their commitment and growth during their training period. We saw them leave their comfort zones and learn new skills for youth ministry. And now, by God’s grace, we will see them use these...

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