Report 2023



As part of the Body of Christ, to see that every young person in every people group in Lebanon has the opportunity to make an informed decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ, be discipled, and become part of a local church.


To participate in the body of Christ in responsible evangelism of youth, presenting them with the person, work, and teachings of Christ and discipling them into a local church.

Message from the National Director



Strategic Objectives

Thank you

Thank you for believing in us and trusting in our mission. Over the past year, we have partnered together and formed lasting friendships, built on trust and credibility, because we have a common goal to reach the youth of Lebanon. We could not have done it alone without your prayers, moral and financial support, and visits. Thank you for standing by us to help us expand or advance the kingdom of God in Lebanon. We love and cherish you, and we want to continue partnering together, brothers and sisters abroad and local churches, to reach all of Lebanon’s youth with the Gospel because that’s our vision together.