Dare to Ask!

Apr 9, 2024

The classroom buzzes with energy as the discussions take off. “Dare to Ask!” This is the youth leaders’ challenge to the teenagers—urging them to peel back the layers of their assumptions and see the world in a new light.

For years, our Dare2Ask sessions have been a go-to spot for teens to voice their questions, whether in the halls of the schools we serve or the cozy confines of the AXIS Youth Center in Zahle.

But before they start, the leaders lay down two ground rules. Rule number one: There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Rule number two: We listen to each other respectfully. Even when we disagree, sometimes, the leaders even advocate an opposing view to get teens really thinking. But at the end of the day, the goal is to steer them towards a biblical perspective.

On March 15th, for instance, teens at AXIS Youth Center tackled the heavy topic of the death penalty, and the conversation was dynamic and non-stop. Most thought of criminals when asked about the most famous executed person. “Wait,” one of the teens said, “It’s Jesus!” His answer steered the discussion toward the cross and God’s perception of justice. 

Conversations can become impassioned during Dare2Ask sessions, but our leaders skillfully navigate these discussions, striking a delicate balance between fostering constructive dialogue and diffusing potential conflicts. Over time, trust builds, and bonds form between the teenagers and our team members. And then, they come to them with more questions long after the bell rings. For instance, following sessions focused on sexuality, teenage girls approached our female youth leaders with profound questions, grappling with issues of sin and same-sex attraction. In response, our leaders offered compassionate guidance without diluting the biblical truth. 

Moreover, several teens came to the School Ministry team with challenging questions. The team had held Dare2Ask sessions at one of our partner schools, and this time, the topic was Easter. Prompted by questions surrounding the holiday’s true meaning, the session evolved into a thought-provoking discussion on the origins of Easter traditions, ultimately leading to the profound significance of Christ’s sacrifice.

During recess, one girl told them of a Muslim boy in her class who expressed anti-Christian views on social media. The team urged her and her Christian friends to make him feel included and demonstrate Christ-like behavior towards him. One of our staff, a Christ follower from a Muslim background, shared his story of finding Christ because he saw love in those who professed to follow Him. Inspired by the leaders’ testimony, the girl said,

“I want to share my faith with others like you do.”

Many teens we engage with at school eagerly anticipate our upcoming summer camps, where Dare2Ask sessions are a staple. Last camp, we marveled at the sight of teens taking every opportunity to discuss the sessions’ topics further with the youth leaders. And it was very encouraging to witness their candid enthusiasm.

In a world full of noise, we find solace in the unwavering Truth of Scripture. Pray that teens pursue this Truth because it is in that pursuit that they draw closer to His heart. In the daring act of asking, we echo the Psalmist’s plea: “Teach me Your paths. (Psalms 25:4)” May our hearts be ever attuned to His voice as we dare to ask, dare to listen, and dare to love with Christ’s boundless love.