Tania’s Testimony

Apr 11, 2024

A Journey from Curiosity to Conviction

Introducing Tania, a talented 15-year-old and an active YFC community member since 2020. Her journey illustrates the life-changing power of God’s work among our youth. As you read her story, we hope you find the same inspiration and encouragement that has touched us deeply.

I grew up in a Christian home, and since I was born, I was told that I believed in God. But I had no personal connection with Him, which led to—you know—questions. But no one gave me answers. So, I felt like Christianity was all a made-up story. And that kept me away as I got older. I didn’t even care anymore. 

But YFC’s Dare2Asks changed it all. I finally found people who welcomed my difficult questions and respected my opinion. They helped me view Christianity with fresh eyes. I started to feel that I, like them, could have a relationship with God. And I, like them, can answer other people’s questions. 

My first encounter with YFC was in 2020, during the COVID lockdown, when they hosted a Dare2Ask during an online Bible class at school. Then, in 2021, I had my first YFC camp. I went because all my friends were going, not expecting much. But since then, I have found a family in YFC that I never want to leave. My faith grows deeper with every single outing and camp. I feel so connected with God and the people there. 

A while back, a good friend introduced me to her church. There, I met another community that reflected God in their actions. Since joining YFC and the church, my relationship with Him keeps getting stronger.  

Now, I can answer people’s questions. I can understand the people who were once like me. And I can be a friend who draws them closer to God. Maybe they, too, can do the same for others someday. 

As you reflect on Tania’s heartfelt journey, we invite you to join us in prayer for the continued growth of our youth. Pray that we continue creating spaces where teens like Tania can seek, question, and find faith in Christ. Together, we can foster a community that radiates God’s love and truth.