Enduring Hope

Jun 11, 2024 | MYC News, News

In the heart of Burj Hammoud, where the narrow alleys weave through crammed houses like veins through a living, breathing organism, stories of resilience and hope emerge daily. From windowsills, young eyes gaze out, not merely observing but yearning—for a brighter future. So, through Manara Youth Center (MYC), we aim for these youth to find an enduring hope in Christ.

In addition to the weekly youth clubs that feature prayer, worship, messages, and discussions, the youth at MYC are finding answers through Bible classes and small groups. Here, youth workers listen to their stories and address their unique needs. Responding to the recent Syrian-Lebanese tensions, the team held a special meeting on May 30 to listen to teens grappling with feelings of anxiety, instability, and hopelessness. During the meeting, the youth had a lot to say. Youth workers shared God’s Word, reminding them that Jesus also faced rejection.

One youth worker shared a story of a refugee boy, a top student hindered by his legal status. Encouraged by MYC, he persevered and was allowed to take his exams.

“I was so happy we gave him this push—sometimes it feels easy to give up. His dad is away, and he’s the main provider for his family, seeing no future prospects.”

MYC helps underprivileged youth find hope in Christ. When teens show a genuine resolve to know more about Christ, youth workers follow up one-on-one. Given the predominantly Muslim community, discretion and wisdom are essential. Those who embrace Christ join discipleship groups, deepening their faith to ensure it remains steadfast even when initial excitement wanes. Empowered, they share the Gospel with friends and invite them to the center’s spiritual programs.

Midya, a Syrian Kurdish refugee, embraced Christianity three years ago. Her commitment to MYC’s discipleship groups has grown, and recently, her brother joined her. She shared:

What I appreciate most about MYC is the community’s strong connection to God. Three years ago, my parents embraced Christianity, which I initially resisted. When I started attending MYC, I was still learning about my new faith. The church my parents attended was wonderful, but it had no people my age. At MYC, I found a group of teenagers on a similar journey, and this sense of community made me feel less alone. Last year, I began taking discipleship lessons at MYC, which profoundly deepened my faith. So I never miss a lesson!

In discipleship classes, youth live out biblical principles, forming their characters through mutual accountability. They give back to the center by volunteering in helping with classes, setting up spaces, managing social media, and more—all because of Christ.

We pray for God’s continued work in these young lives, that they may find enduring hope and share it within their community, lighting the way for others.